Offer a better alternative to mobile app/dedicated service to cinema ticket purchase/reservation like UGC, Allociné, Gaumont-Pathé…


  • Benchmark Desktop
    Benchmark Desktop
  • Benchmark Mobile
    Benchmark Mobile

Pros & Cons

  • -

    • -Allociné purchasing platform return on other cinema purchasing process
    • -Allociné App, can't book on UGC/MK2 cinema
    • -1€ extra cost on UGC website
    • -App really slow and bug
  • +

    • -Movie/room promotion on Allociné (desktop & mobile app)
    • -MK2 App (Movie/room/event choice) & purchase cinema ticket (QR code)
    • -Payment by cinema cheque/subscription card


  • Persona
  • Persona

Experience Map

  • Experience map


    • E-Ticket (QR code)
    • CineBot (sort by movie, kind, etc…)
    • SmartWatch dedicated platform
    • Travelling time (geo-tracking)
    • Book a particular sit
    • Data sheet, opinions, comments, score, etc…
    • SmartWatch contactless payment/wallet (iOs)

UML CineBot

  • UML CineBot

SmartWatch Prototype

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