My own scope?


Graphic Design, Website WEB/UX Design & development, Analytics.


Streamroot company provide a P2P solution for broadcaster (Canal+, Vivendi, Dailymotion, Eurosport, etc…) to reduce bandwidth and CDN bill.


Graphic DesignDesigned print, web & marketing support (NL, Flyer, Kakemono, Stand, PR etc…). WEB/UX Design & DevelopmentBenchmark on competitor. Designed several mockup & improve UX. Once validated, helped by a developer, i created a build system on github with 3 different environments, a local host, a staging host (Browsers & devices Q/A), and production. Designed and developed the website (Develop an UI-KIT). Use of html5, Saas, Js, php, Worpress… AnalyticsSEO, SEA, Google Analytics… Q/A Testing, cloned the website with 2 different designs to see which one was more compatible. Linked to slack & salesforce to get data. Tracked events with Google Analytics to calculate website bounce rate.