My own scope?


Designed visual supports, Website/App WEB & UX Design.


Vinocasing company offer a Wine box blind testing. The concept is simple, the box contain 6 bottles (white and red wine), you just have to tast and score each wine (1 I dislike, 5 I love) on Website/App. After this, an algorithm will give you your wine profile.


Graphic DesignDesigned a lot of printed materials (business card, brochure, book, packaging, car & shop flocking, social networks, etc…). WEB DesignBenchmark on competitor and e-commerce website. Designed several mockup and improve User Experience. Once validated, I give the specs to developer (prestashop). UX/UI DesignBenchmark on competitor. Submited to community a questionnaire. After analysis, designed several mockup. Once validated, I give the specs to developer.

  • Brochure Vinocasting
    • Business card Vinocasting
    • Book Vinocasting
  • Website Vinocasting
  • Score Vinocasting
  • Score Vinocasting
  • Vinoguide Vinocasting
  • Flavour Vinocasting